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Well, you've got this far on the website you best get to know me a little.

I have always had a love of filmmaking and making videos since I was a kid. My friends and I would create stop-motion clips with our Lego and recreate and reenact James Bond and Star Wars scenes. Because we thought we were cool! 

As I have gotten older and  since I moved to Australia from the UK over a decade ago that love of filmmaking and video production has stayed with me. 

When I'm behind the camera, stuck on set or in the edit suite I am always in my element. There is something about moving images that really resonate with me whether they are entertaining, moving, inspiring or memorable. In my own work I always aspire to do the same and I always want to visualise great ideas and be a part  of telling great stories.

I have told many of these stories big and small on many projects and I love that I get to make some great content.


At Dominic Murphy Murphy Moving Image, Dominic focusses on capturing engaging stories, thinking out the box, going above and beyond for our clients and he will highlight your business, organisation or company or individuals that are hungry for video content.

With experience from a variety of projects ranging from TVC's, Advertising, TV shows, Social Media Content, Music Videos, Case Studies, Educational and Corporate Commercial work, Dominic has taken what he has learned to deliver video content for various clients and platforms with his experience backed up with a degree in film, screen and media production.

Dominic films, produces and edits all his content and keeps strong working relationships with all his clients. He has produced work for local businesses and organisations who collaborate with studios and agencies to produce content for such clients as Pizza Capers, Heritage Bank, QUT and the Queensland Government to name a few.

Dominic is always experimenting with new equipment as well as with my own and will always make it his mission to meet to the needs of his clients and the project above all.

Let's Talk

Have an upcoming project? Want some video content made? Or just want to grab a coffee and chat? I'd love to collaborate with you! 

Get in touch with me using my contact form or email at to arrange a meeting, discuss your ideas, rates, scheduling and more.

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